SustainLane’s Local Action Challenge – Most Active Cities

Cleveland is currently the second most active city in the nation on SustainLane’s Local Action Challenge.  With a whopping 284 points, we are beat only by Colorado Springs (which currently has 686 points).

SustainLane is hosting the Hopenhagen Local Action Challenge to empower people to be more environmentally responsible on the local level.  Cities set up their own challenges and residents take pictures of themselves completing the challenges for points and prizes.

The challenges that Cleveland has set up for itself include: Change a Light Bulb (or two), Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (& Compost), Use Less Water, Adjust your Thermostat, Spread the Word, Calculate your Carbon Footprint, Drive Less, Eat Lower on the Food Chain, Plant a Tree, and Buy Efficient Appliances.  These are all incredibly doable and we still have time to complete more challenges before the end of the contest!
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