Tools for Social Innovators

Tools for Social Innovators

So much has happened since I last posted. The world has been changing at a tremendous rate. Now, as much as ever before, is the time to speak up and act on behalf of human rights and the environment.

In support of those who continue to make our world a better place for everyone, I have created a new website called Tools for Social Innovators.

Tools for Social Innovators is an online library of tools to help people solve big social and environmental problems AND make money to sustain these important efforts. You’ll see that the tools are categorized into three sections:

  1. Tools for Social Innovation, which help with the process of innovating solutions to social and environmental challenges.
  2. Tools for Social Entrepreneurship, which provide guidance on how to build enterprises (in any sector) that tackle social, environmental, and economic challenges.
  3. Tools for Your Mind, which help you become the leader you need to be in order to help make the world a better place.

I created this website to provide the tools & strategies people can use to embark on social innovation in any sector. After studying business and public administration, planning and policy, I started noticing that many of the tools and strategies I was learning about could be shared more broadly and used across sectors, but often weren’t.  Also, I found that there was no single place on the internet where all the tools available could be found in one place. So I decided to create it.

This website is the culmination of work that I’ve been focused on for years. I’ve worked with non-profits and for-profits, including a consulting firm, a think tank, a startup accelerator, local and national non-profits, and governments. This website takes all the tools and strategies I’ve learned over time and gives them to you… for free.

Because it’s up to us to make this the world we want to live in.

With love,


Progress since the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit

I just received an exciting email.  Here’s what it said:

Yesterday, Mayor Jackson announced the next steps in working towards building a sustainable economy in Cleveland.

  • The appointment of Andrew Watterson as Chief of Sustainability, the City’s first cabinet level position focusing on sustainability.
  • A strategic plan will be created based on the 28 summit recommendations. The Mayor’s Office of Sustainability will oversee this process, including the issuing of an RFP and the hiring of a consultant to analyze the 28 recommendations and create the plan.
  • The creation of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Council – This council will use the strategic plan as a blueprint for advising Mayor Jackson on creating a “green city on a blue lake”.
  • The creation of the steering committee for the 2010 Sustainable Cleveland summit.  This 63-member committee will design the next summit and will be comprised of ’09 summit participants, as well as representatives from local companies and institutions.

Below are the 28 projects that came out of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit–which the city’s strategic plan will be based on:
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