Detroit Lives!

It’s been too long, I know.  Since the last post, I’ve moved to Columbus, Ohio, and delved into a graduate program for City and Regional Planning (imagine that!).

To make it up to you, here’s some mind candy, and don’t worry, there’s more to come…

More from Detroit Lives!

More from Lost Detroit

Peace and catch you later,



2 thoughts on “Detroit Lives!

  1. Marianne,

    Thanks for keeping an eye out toward Detroit, the resources you’ve put out on your site are really useful and timely.

    Detroit Lives has a project called “The Guidebook”, whereas Sustainable Detroit is hosting a Greenmap for the city and region. It seems as though both parties are unaware of one another so I’ve just sent an e-mail to introduce them to each other.

    Hopefully they’ll be a good match for each other.

    I’m also setting sights on the possibility of coordinating a green map with the city of Dearborn too–and the city’s sustainability coordinator is interested in the idea!

    Good luck with your graduate studies!

  2. Thanks for sharing these well produced videos Marianne! They truly show something that everybody hardly ever focuses on, the good work going on. It’s exciting to think of the possibilities of additional redevelopment of buildings and spaces in cities like Detroit across America. Do you think cities should focus on rebuilding one structure at a time or entire neighborhoods to get the best results?

    Best of luck with your graduate studies and I look forward to reading your future updates!


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