The Northeast Ohio Green Map

This summer, I’m working with GreenCityBlueLake to develop the Northeast Ohio Green Map.

This is an open-sourced asset map (read: inventory of our communities’ strengths) of all the sustainability organizations, initiatives and infrastructure in Northeast Ohio, and we need your knowledge and participation in order to make this map the rich community tool that it has the potential to become.

Join us for the launch of the Northeast Ohio Green Map!

5:30-8pm at The Treehouse, 820 College Ave., Tremont

Join us for this Mapping Party to celebrate the launch of the Northeast Ohio Green Map. The Treehouse will supply the beer, we’ll supply the food, and you supply the knowledge of our communities’ assets and opportunities!  Bring your laptop and we’ll start mapping Northeast Ohio’s sustainability organizations, initiatives, and infrastructure together.

Asset mapping could help organizations and individuals of all kinds—including non-profit, for-profit, governmental, academic and public—to find one another, connect and collaborate around regional sustainability.

Using the Open Green Map technology available on, the Northeast Ohio Green Map is joining over 600 green maps created in 55 countries around the world that identify the social, environmental, and economic assets and opportunities of their locales.

The Open Green Map technology is an award-winning combination of the easy-to-use Google Map interface and 170 universal icons for “green” sites, areas, and routes.  When icons are clicked, photos, descriptions, website links, videos, site relationships, impacts, and contact information can be displayed on these interactive maps.

With this open-source technology (also available as an iPhone App), anyone can search for and suggest sites on the map, adding to the civic participation and ‘live’ communal knowledge of this collaborative project.  The map can be housed on any number of different websites, including the Green Maps website—which could improve our region’s reputation nationally and internationally as a place dedicated to sustainability.

Knowing, mapping, and utilizing the many assets within our communities and region will provide a foundation for effective strategic planning and investment, policy change that facilitates a more sustainable future, and action.

By collectively identifying our communities’ strengths and assets, we can move forward with a positive vision of who we are as a region and who we can become.

Join us on the Northeast Ohio Green Map:


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