The New Metropolis

Here’s a preview of a new pair of films that have just come out about “The New Metropolis”:

The two movies – titled “A Crack in the Pavement” and “The New Neighbors” – document the fate of America’s first suburbs and offer solutions for their revitalization.

Throughout the last half-century, many middle and upper-middle class Americans moved from suburb ring to suburb ring–consistently away from inner city congestion and racial diversity–leaving a wake of abandoned development and poverty behind them.

But as gas prices rise, people have begun to notice the problems with the suburban sprawl that they created.  Driving to work takes longer and costs more.  Car emissions and expanses of pavement are contributing to global climate change.

In a new “smart growth” movement, people have begun to redevelop those first ring suburbs that were struggling not long before.  People want to live closer to their places of work and play, and are moving in next to public transit lines that can usher them into the city.

Here’s a video by CBS that documents the smart growth movement:

So how can we re-design our inner city and first ring suburbs so that the quality of life remains high for residents?  Many urban planners, developers, and designers are working on just this.  Projects for green space, entertainment, commodities, and all the things the things that make city life so much fun are in the plans for many re-developing cities.

Want to see a screening of “The New Metropolis” in your city?  Click here to watch it somewhere near you.


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