Baldwin-Wallace Sustainability Symposium

Today and tomorrow Baldwin-Wallace College is hosting their annual Sustainability Symposium on Climate & Carbon.  If you missed the speaker this morning (Senator Sherrod Brown), you can still make it to the Keynote tonight at 8pm from Dr. Susan Solomon, a senior scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Earth System Research Laboratory.

Solomon was the lead U.S. scientist for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and was awarded the 1999 National Medal of Science, the highest scientific award bestowed by the United States government.  You could say that she’s kind of a big deal.  So come hear what she has to say tonight and stick around for the various panels tomorrow.

Baldwin-Wallace is a role model of campus sustainability. They received the Northeast Ohio Environmental Award in 2009, and for good reason.

It was the first college in Ohio to offer a Bachelor’s degree in sustainability, with three tracks of focused concentration within the major:  science, social sciences/humanities and business administration.  They also offer a certificate in sustainability for Adult and Continuing Education students.

Their Institute for Sustainable Business Practice is a resource center offering consulting services for area businesses, peer-to-peer sharing for business managers, and educational programs that can benefit northeast Ohio organizations and the community.

Here’s a video of their food waste composting system:

What else?  Here’s a laundry list of their sustainability efforts to date:

  • Installed a wind turbine on campus to produce clean, renewable energy, making it the first wind turbine in Berea and one of a very few on a college campus
  • A more than 40% reduction in our paper consumption
  • Installation of energy conservation technologies to reduce our electricity consumption (e.g., motion sensors in all classrooms by the end of 2008)
  • The use of biodegradable disposables in our food services
  • An enhanced recycling system that has increased our recycling content by at least 500% in the last 2 years
  • A commitment to high performance, green building design in all future college building projects
  • Experimentation with conversion of used kitchen grease for the production of bio-diesel fuel for campus vehicles that we hope will result in near-term conversation of all kitchen grease into bio-diesel fuel for campus vehicles
  • Increased availability of bike racks around campus to discourage vehicle use
  • Adoption of “green” cleaning products for all campus buildings, with anticipated savings of over $100,000
  • First student residence hall in Ohio with geo-thermal heating and cooling
  • Exploration of conversation of an old residence hall into a “sustainability house” for students in Fall ’09

Impressed yet?  Click here to see their sustainability vision and goals


2 thoughts on “Baldwin-Wallace Sustainability Symposium

    • Hi Robert,
      Great to hear from you and I hope you’re doing well! Unfortunately I can’t make it to the panels today, but I’ll look around and/or ask if they filmed the event. Which would be awesome.

      Hope to see you soon,

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