Brite Winter Festival

Hi.  This Saturday, from 5-10pm, the Brite Winter Festival is taking over Hart Crane Memorial Park and it’s my opinion that you should be there.

Here’s what’s going down:

Time What’s going down
5:00 Commence Art displays/installations
Sainato’s Restaurant – Italian goodness and Beer indoors

Gypsy Beans and Baking – Hot stuffs outdoors

Ice Bocce + Giant Target Shootout

DJ Playing Some Tunes

5:30 Cleveland Plays Starts Cornhole Tourney

Open the PopUp-BlowUp Chill Dome – Who Knows What’s Inside?

6:00 The Rock of The Hot Rails
6:30 Light the Fires!
7:00 Sled Races (weather permitting)
7:30 The Musical Stylings of The Uncanny Xe La
8:30 Bridge Snowball War (weather permitting)
9:00 Do it Right with This Moment in Black History
10:00 Afterparty at Mulberry’s – 2316 Mulberry Ave, Cleveland Flats

Synopsis: Art, Food, Music and Activities so good you’ll wish you had thought of them yourself.

See you there.


2 thoughts on “Brite Winter Festival

  1. Update from Brite Winter Festival head-honcho/coordinator/mastermind extraordinaire Emily Hornack on how the event went:

    “Not that success is always measured in numbers… but here are a few that sum up how we did.

    700 = about how many people we think were there throughout the night
    100 = mugs sold (which greatly contributes to our financial well-being and increases likelihood of doing this again)
    30 = number of volunteers who showed up and worked their butts off
    3 = number of bands who successfully played a set in cube made of plastic sheeting, duct tape, and a box fan (thanks, David and Gauri, for your amazing construction skills)
    0 = people who set fire to themselves or fell in the river”

    Basically, it was an amazing event. More snow than we could have hoped for and awesome people came out for the party. I can’t wait for the next Pop Up event 🙂

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