This is not a lame excuse.

So, I feel that an apology is in order since it’s been almost a month since I posted.  And it’s not because there isn’t a plethora of sustainable activities going on in this region.  There is.  And I want to write about All of them.

The real reason why it has been so long since I’ve posted is that I was doing nothing in Florida.  That’s right.  I drove down to Key West with a bunch of other young and too-poor-for-a-plane-tickets and we were stuck down there for two weeks because A) we couldn’t get on a plane back to Cleveland, and B) we were staying with a band that was playing down there for New Years and they weren’t driving back until two weeks later.  So there we were, in Key West, having a blast and not doing anything even remotely productive.

The reason why I don’t think that this is a lame excuse, or at least the way I will justify it, is because sustainability isn’t just about the environment and economic development.  You can’t forget the social side of sustainability.  Everyone needs and deserves a break sometimes.  And why not go to Florida to do it?

The other two weeks I’ve spent catching up at work, planning a new blog for the Northeast Ohio Citizen’s League, and applying to grad schools for environmental journalism.

Now that I’m back and caught up, I will catch you up on everything’s that going on in the world of urban post-industrial sustainability in the Great Lakes region.  Some of this stuff is really quite exciting.


One thought on “This is not a lame excuse.

  1. You don’t have to make an excuse for making sure your personal life is sustainable and fun. Spending quality time and making connections with great people is more important than sitting at a computer, updating a blog everyday. You are totally awesome and your fans forgive you. 😉

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