The Strength that Will Carry Momentum Forward

The following video by Graham Veysey summarizes the proceedings of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit hosted by Mayor Jackson.

I have heard multiple Clevelanders state their frustration about the lack of visible results that have come out of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit so far.  But what I say to them each time is that this is a 10 year project.  And we are responsible for the results.

This past Tuesday, a slew of Sustainable Cleveland Summit participants attended the Mini-Summit for Communications hosted by Andrew Watterson, Chief of Sustainability for the City of Cleveland.  The purpose of the gathering was to construct (through the Appreciative Inquiry process) the tools and information systems needed for communication about Sustainable Cleveland 2019. 

The overarching outcome of the process was that all the participating groups agreed that some website hub for interpersonal connections and information sharing is needed.  Such a website would help the City, the Summit Council and Steering Committee, the Summit Action Groups, Sustainable Cleveland stakeholders and the public know what is cooking in the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 kitchen.

Other progress coming out of the Summit includes:

  •  The City’s Office of Sustainability has completed their report of the Summit, which describes what happened over the 3 days in August.
  • The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Council has met and has agreed to hire a consultant to produce a strategic plan for Sustainable Cleveland 2019 going forward.
  • The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Steering Committee has met and will be meeting again on February 11-12 to plan the next Summit in 2010.
  • Representatives from all of the Summit groups gathered on November 17th to describe progress and needs within their groups, as well as to collaborate with other groups.

The Summit Action Groups continue to evolve as the City, Council and Steering Committee organize for success.  My suggestion for those of you who don’t see enough action is to start acting.


2 thoughts on “The Strength that Will Carry Momentum Forward

  1. Hi Marianne,

    First off, thanks for your blog – I’ve only just been turned on to it, but all I’ve read and learned so far has been great, so thanks for doing what you do!

    I’m wondering if you know how people can get involved with the continuation of the Summit; can I join a committee, or at least sit in on meetings? I was unable to attend the summit itself, but I’d like to get involved if possible. And I agree with the Communications group’s finding – a website specifically for Summit-related information would be a great first step!

    If you know how I can get involved, I’d appreciate your help.


    • Hello Mr. Josh, and thank you for reading!

      To answer your question, Yes! We need your help! There are a bunch of different Groups that are in action as we speak, and you can join any of them that suit your interests. Go to this website – – and create a profile for yourself.

      Then, make sure to check out all the different groups. They each have a page and some sort of discussion as to what they are up to. You can also see who is in each group, and you can send them a message through Ning that goes straight to their email. Gold, I know.

      If you’re interested in the Communications group that is creating a website for all Summit-related info and communcations, here’s the page for that: I know there is a sub-group of the communications group that is currently working on the tech-side of creating the website, and we all met in November to talk about what we want the website to include. But there is still so much more to do in order to make this into a reality, so I hope you can help out.

      Best wishes and hope to see you around,

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