GreenLight Zine’s Release Party Tonight!

GreenLight Zine is hosting the release party for their 6th issue – The Environmental Justice Issue – tonight at Bela Dubby in Lakewood!  GreenLight Zine is an online and printed magazine that aims to educate and empower young people around important environmental issues.

Music at the release party will be provided by the likes of… Letters to the Moon, American War, RandomStereo, Ancestors, Unwelcome Guests, Wisdom Tooth!

Festivities begin at 9pm – see you there!


4 thoughts on “GreenLight Zine’s Release Party Tonight!

  1. Hey Marianne,

    Just had a chance to get up to speed with your blog. Love love love it! Keep up the great work and hope to see you over Winter Break!


    • Hey Kyle –
      Great to hear from you and thank you so much! Things have been really busy around here and there are more initiatives than I can possibly keep up with, but I love it. I’m now on the Steering Committee for Sustainable Cleveland 2019, so let me know if you want an update on any of the proceedings.

      How’s school going? Have you decided on a major?

      Best wishes and see you soon,

      • Sorry for the late reply, just checked back on the site. These past few weeks have flown by!

        Congrats – that’s really exciting to hear! Hope you’re getting to work on some cool stuff.

        I’ll actually be graduating in May, with a double concentration in Economics and Environmental Studies and am writing a thesis on assessing the economic efficiency of urban climate change adaptation, focusing on policy to respond to heat waves and hurricanes.

        Come summer I’ll be off to Boston to work in management consulting, which I’m really excited about!


    • Hi again,
      That’s great – congrats on your upcoming graduation! Can I have a copy of your thesis? It sounds fascinating. Wish I had had the foresight and skill to double major in ENVS and ECON.

      All the best and hope to hear from you again soon,

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