The 2009 Bioneers Conference in Cleveland

Bioneers Cleveland will hold its third annual Bioneers Conference next weekend on November 5-7 at the Cleveland Convention Center on Thursday, and at CSU’s Maxine Levin College of Urban Affairs on Friday & Saturday.

Bioneers Cleveland is a ‘beaming site’ (meaning it shows the national plenary speakers on screen) for National Bioneers, which is a 20-year-old nonprofit headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico that prides itself on popularizing sustainable solutions for both people and planet.


According to the Bioneers Cleveland website:

This year’s conference will focus on Northeastern Ohio’s Local Food Systems.  The conference will examine creating sustainable, healthy food opportunities, and the interconnections between: water, energy, transportation, education, economics, community development, and culture as well as showcase the impact by production, distribution, nutrition, and financial viability of growing, selling and eating local food. 

For three days Bioneers Cleveland will highlight many of the projects that have made Cleveland second in the nation for its urban food systems by hosting tours, workshops and plenary addresses from the national conference site in California (via DVD) including Michael Pollan, an award-winning journalist and author of Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food.

I learned so much while attending last year’s Bioneers Cleveland Conference, and I highly recommend that you attend, even if you’re not a sustainability nerd like me.

Click here for more information about the conference and to find out more about the plenary speakers and workshops available.


4 thoughts on “The 2009 Bioneers Conference in Cleveland

  1. If you were a true sustainability nerd, you would be going to the headquarters in Sante Fe for that meeting, and taking a certain person with you.

    • Hi certain person,
      While it would be Amazing to go to Santa Fe and see the National Bioneers conference first hand, the National Bioneers conference took place two weeks ago on Oct. 15-17.

      Cleveland will be showing a DVD of the plenary speeches and will add their own movies, speakers, workshops and much more to the mix. It puts a local spin on these global issues discussed at the national conference, which is pretty cool.

      Besides, sustainability is inherently local-based.

      Have a great day!

  2. Are you going? And if so, are you allowed to bring guests? I am interested in going with you so that I’m not a complete ignoramus about sustainability anymore and so I can meet some of the cool people you talk about all the time.

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