Pedal Republik

pedal republik

Pedal Republik is Cleveland’s bike polo force.  It mainly consists of dudes in their mid-twenties, but there are a few that are older and there is less than a handful of girls (that I have seen anyways) that actually play.  This is most likely due to the fact that bike collisions are not uncommon, nor are collisions with the spray painted wooden wall constructed around the periphery of the old tennis courts on S. Marginal Rd.

So I have taken it upon myself to represent… a couple of times.  Here is some footage of their motherland:

Read more to find out why Mayor Jackson loves Pedal Republik.

Ok, so I’m not exactly sure why Mayor Jackson has claimed to be a fan of Pedal Republik, especially since we’ve never seen him come out to the courts, but I can take a guess.

Pedal Republik has taken an otherwise underutilized space in Cleveland – specifically decrepit tennis courts – and transformed them into a lakefront kingdom of joust-like competition and back-slapping comraderie for pre-adult Clevelanders.  They have demonstrated that biking with an altered ski pole in hand is the cool thing to do.

So if you see one of these guys around – they can often be identified by the cardboard signs wrapped around their wheel spokes – thank them for making Cleveland the bike polo boss.

Pedal Republik’s Ning (social networking site) and MySpace page.


10 thoughts on “Pedal Republik

  1. No, DAG, you kick ass. Your Rag Tag Armada also kicks ass. And I want to challenge you to a polo duel, but I’m not sure if I have the authority or the skill to do that.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear more from you soon!

    • Marianne! YO!

      I am no RTA member, however, I do heart those forkers. Cory Slusher and Bel Air are the cats to chat up about a bike polo bout, and they are ready for any smackdown you can bring to the lot!They are on that MySpace thing… go to the RTA page I linked. Me? I’m GDI… God Damned Independent;^)!

      Back in April and May of ’04 when I was up in Portland, I caught wind of the Chunk 666 crew. I was staying at the AYH NE Portland Hostel on Hawthorne Blvd. and saw the tallest skyscraper bike EVER being ridden by one of them. The hostel I stayed at (oh, you’re gonna LOOOOOOVVVE this) has a well-tended eco-roof full of succulent plants. There are eco-roofs all over Portland, as I am sure you’re aware.

      So, thank you again, my new friend!



      • Hey DAG,
        Good to hear from you again! Hm, Charlotte and Portland… I can see this turning into a tour du North America.

        Next stop: Portland.

        Your comments are making my day,

  2. I think I speak on behalf of The PRoC when I say, we’re happy to accept all challengers!

    As a reminder, this weekend is the Air Show which means that on Sunday 09/06 the polo courts will be a great place to hang out, play/watch bike polo, and cook out! (we will have a grill.)

    BTW…. Mayor Jackson is a fan? What? So much for flying under the radar…

  3. Hey Fatty,
    Thanks for checking out this small operation I have going. I have no idea if Mayor Jackson is actually a fan – this is just what I hear. Maybe I’ll email him and ask for a quote.

    I’m slightly bummed that I’ll be in Washington D.C. this weekend and will therefore miss said bike polo/plane watching/food eating extravaganza.

    Would almost rather stay in Cleveland except for the fact that I promised to meet up with friends in the capital.

    I’m sure I’ll see you around, though, and ditto on accepting challengers,

  4. Well according to Michael Heaton in the PD article back in June, Councilman Joe Cimperman and Parks Director Michael Cox are fans… I cannot confirm or deny if the mayor is on board.

    With all this support, I wonder if we’ll be able to find an empty warehouse space to play over the winter?

  5. niice… It’s amazing how truthful and accurate an article can be when the reporter participates. Good work and thanks! We’ll see you soon.

    • Thanks for the compliments! I’m not sure how accurate it is without a quote from the mayor… but next time I see him I’ll ask.

      Yes, I will chat up the mayor about bike polo.

      Have a good day,

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