Hooray for local artists

I was watching a mediocre (at best) movie, but at the end of the film was a song that was far superior to the feature.  I waited patiently until the end of the credits to find that it was a song by Joshua Radin.  Naturally, I go on Pandora Radio and make a new radio station.  Low and behold, I discover in the “About the Artist” box that Mr. Radin actually hails from Cleveland.  I mean, of course he does.

It gets better.  He was born and raised in Shaker Heights.  Me too!  And it doesn’t stop there.  He never intended to actually be a professional singer/songwriter.  Me neither. 

All jokes aside about my band of two people (if you don’t know – I’m in a band that may or may not be called BangBang Motorcycle Gang), Cleveland does have some amazing artists.  And yes, I’m giving my city credit.


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