Great Lakes Regional Collaboration for Sustainability

For a project that a few friends and I started during the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit, we’re building a social networking site (a Ning) to foster collaboration and partnerships in the Great Lakes region for making our post-industrial cities more sustainable environmentally, socially, and economically.

Imagine: you log in to a gorgeous looking (wink wink) website, you create a profile for yourself that includes what you do and what your interests are in terms of sustainability – and suddenly you’re a part of a regional network of people who are interested in making our cities more sustainable. 

You can join groups depending on your interests and find experts from other Great Lakes cities to help you in your undertakings.  You can even start a project with the people you connect with in the network, attend an event about regional collaboration, or go to a workshop about nearly any topic related to urban sustainability.

This is what we’ve imagined and what we’re working on creating.  I’ll let you know when we launch it, which should be sometime in the coming weeks.


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