Reimagining [what I can do for] a More Sustainable Cleveland

So, I recently discovered a new friend who works in the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Green Corp. program, and we decided one night over dinner that it would be awesome if we came up with a vacant land reuse project that would somehow benefit the Great City of Cleveland.  We want to do it through the Reimagining a More Sustainable Cleveland grant program.

There are so many different things that we could do with a piece of land in Cleveland!  An urban farm to produce food for the homeless, green public playspace, expansion of the current Green Corp. garden to increase the number of urban kids that can be involved, farm for growing plants to be used for green roofs, and urban agricultural education were all thoughts that passed through my mind.  I also want to start some phytoremediation projects (removing toxins from the soil with plants), but it occurred to me that I’d need an expert to help me with that.

Comment with your project ideas for vacant land reuse!  And consider yourself formally invited to help make it a reality!

Update: Plan momentarily foibled by the deadline for Reimagining applications that passed on July 31st.  Of course, in my mind, that meant nothing.  There is still vacant land in Cleveland and a need for motivated do-gooders to do things!

And so, to find a way to do what I want, I looked into the organizations that applied for Reimagining grants on time (because I did not).  All of these organizations want and need volunteers to help them with their projects. 

A bird (aka my mom) told me that the Cleveland Botanical Garden (CBG) applied for a grant on time.  What a fortuitous situation!  My friend works for the CBG’s Green Corp. program!  And I love the CBG and used to volunteer there.  So, I’m thinking maybe we can help them out with their project.  Which may be even better than starting my own project because they have the resources and the manpower to do great things.


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