College Grad Retention in the Rust Belt

Cleveland Business Connects published this article by Lynne Meyer, “Cleveland Entrepreneurs answer the question, ‘How do you get college grads to stay?'”

Ohio has one of the largest concentrations of colleges and universities in the country, including top-notch schools in Northeast Ohio. In Cleveland, college graduates are considered vital to the city’s future.
Unfortunately, too many graduates from these schools aren’t sticking around because they don’t see career opportunities here. They view the region as a Rust Belt dinosaur still mired in manufacturing.
The truth is that there’s been an aggressive move to shift gears from manufacturing to fields that require post-secondary degrees. In fact, there’s an unmet need for qualified workers in the fields of biomedical technology, healthcare, engineering, renewable energy development, and information technology.
What’s needed is something to grab the attention of our college students, engage them, show them the many great things Cleveland has to offer, and encourage them to build a career here.

To read the rest of the article about the innovative way–Got*City GAME!– in which two Cleveland entrepreneurs are working together with Tri-C and Hiram College to keep young people in Northeast Ohio, click here.


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