Sustainable Cleveland: 2019

I love my city.  This video was made to promote the upcoming summit about creating a sustainable Cleveland by the year 2019.  For more info on the summit from August 12-14, visit here.

p.s. My mom (Ruth Eppig) is in this video!


6 thoughts on “Sustainable Cleveland: 2019

  1. I find this video to be well produced and I enjoy sustainability as a dialogue topic, or even to use as a buzz word. We’ve heard it a hundred times, that we need to utilize our great resources at hand to develop economically and prosper in the future. That we can work to change our economy by creating green jobs, like wind energy. But everybody will have to work together, gov, businesses, corporations and the local citizens. That sounds good, and am glad we are thinking about new ways to be sustainable and do things that are ‘green’, like create off shore wind farms, and talk about making progress and the benefits of collaboration and everybody chipping in.

    So it find it quite odd and discouraging when I visit downtown Cleveland for last weekend’s Ingenuity festival and discover that there is no where to recycle my plastic bottle that I just purchased. How can everybody pitch in to make a small difference if our city that is coined as a ‘Green’ city doesn’t provide businesses / consumers / citizens the basics, like the opportunity to recycle? I know collaboration requires everybody to play a part, but what can a guy do to encourage simple recycling around here?

    What does the average Cleveland have to do to encourage our leaders to look for immediate solutions, like recycling along with plans for 2019 and 2050? What is your suggestion Marianne for addressing sustainable topics like downtown recycling? Or I’m I just ranting about sustainability that is so 1990s? Can we wait 10 years to become green, seriously? I look forward to hearing from you! Great site and article!


    • Hi again, Greg,
      I just wanted to let you know that I’ve emailed the Executive Artistic Director of Ingenuity Fest, James Levin, about your insight into the lack of recycling bins. I requested that they have recycling bins in the future, so we’ll see what happens.

      Thank you for reading and for bringing that up!

      If you ever notice something similar in the future, I highly recommend that you contact the person in charge and let them know what you think. It’s pretty easy to find contact info online, and I bet they want to hear feedback from people like you. That’s how they know what they’re doing well and what they need to improve on.

      Best wishes and cheers to civic engagement!

    • Hi again, Greg,
      As I said before, I emailed the Executive Artistic Director of Ingenuity Fest about your query, and he put me in touch with the Site Coordinator, John Farina. This is what John had to say:

      “We did have a recycling dumpster from the City of Cleveland and information was available from the city at our information table. Unfortunately, we were not able to secure the trash receptacles for recycling this year – we did try to get them. Since we did not have the receptacles this year, we focused on other recycling efforts. Every vendor sorted their trash for recycling and used the proper dumpsters. We did sort trash at the dumpsters when possible. We recycled cardboard, glass and plastic.

      “We are committed to recycling and will continue to focus on every effort to make that happen in future years.

      “Thanks for you inquiry and please know we are committed to sustainability!


  2. Hi Greg,
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I share your discouragement at the lack of recycling bins at the Ingenuity Fest. I’m going to tell someone about that so that maybe it can change in the future.

    About recycling in downtown Cleveland: it does exist! In fact, here is a website with locations of places where you can take recyclable items:

    To answer your question- “Can we wait 10 years to become green?” – NO. We can’t wait 10 years. That’s why we’re starting all these initiatives RIGHT NOW. But, as you can see with the recycling bin debacle, it’s a process.

    We are currently in the process of re-thinking what we want our city to be like in 10 years in order to change our trajectory accordingly. If we set up the longer-term goals now, it will be easier to see which steps we need to take in the near-term. Like having recycling bins at our city events, among many other things.

    I hope this helps answer your questions and that you keep reading and contributing to our city’s future!

    Best wishes,

  3. Marianne,
    Thanks for the reply and for going above and beyond to get to the bottom of things. I’ll follow your suggestions and send an email also to John this week with some ideas for making recycling more prominent and visible. I had asked two volunteers or staff if they had recycling bins and they informed me they didn’t have them, which is why I’m may have sounded a little disappointed! I would really hope that the city’s message of stability is followed with more public recycling bins next to trash bins at events and eventually throughout the city. It’s unfortunate to see trash bins full of glass, plastic and cans.

    When I think of Sustainability I think of recycling first and foremost. I think of alternative energy as an important second, I just hope we are able to set realistic goals to meet each. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that we are a little behind the times in providing visible recycling services in our cities and I hope it becomes a priority in the next year.

    Thanks again for the resources and information. I noticed the phone book recyling info was dated, it actually goes from June to September at the Cleveland Metroparks. Here’s more info:

    Will you or your organization be at the City’s 2019 Sustainability event next month? What will your top priorities / goals be?

    Thanks again

  4. Hey Greg,
    Thanks for starting this important dialogue! I can’t thank you enough and I’m glad I could help. Also, thanks for the link with the updated city recycling info.

    To answer your question, I do indeed hope to attend the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 summit. My top priorities for sustainability are many. It’s hard for me to say which items are more important than others, because they are all vitally important. After thinking about your question, I wrote my “Creating a Sustainable Cleveland” post, so check that out to see what I’ve been thinking about in terms of priorities for our city’s sustainability.

    I’m stoked that you are so passionate about recycling and alternative energy. It takes people like you to make a difference.

    I highly recommend that you come to an E4S event (Entrepreneurs for Sustainability) if you haven’t already, because you can connect with a bunch of people who have similar interests. Here’s a list of their events: They meet at 5:30pm at the Great Lakes Brewing Company tasting room every third Tuesday of the month (except July). Also, they have something called the “Zero Waste Network” that connects people in our region who are interesting in waste (like you!) in an online social network:

    E4S is one of my favorite non-profits in the area. Their monthly meetings are incredibly relaxed – everyone goes to hang out, drink beer, and talk about various issues related to sustainability. Come on over and bring a friend!

    Best wishes,

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