Critical Mass Ride TONIGHT!


On the last friday of every month in over 100 cities around the world, cyclists congregate together to ride in demonstration and in celebration. Critical Mass has no leaders and no agenda. People come together to ride for many different reasons. To assert cyclists right to the road, to promote bikes as a fun, healthy and viable alternative to cars, to build a greater sense of community, to get more folks on bikes, or simply to celebrate bike love and ride in solidarity with other like minded individuals and have some fun!

So let’s do it, every last friday of the month, Public Square, Bike / skateboard / roller blade whatever. And bbq after or something. Dance Party?

Tell Your Friends, Invite them, Ride Bikes!

RIDE TONIGHT — June 26th, 2009; 5:30 PM, Public Square (Downtown Cleveland)

Join the Critical Mass Facebook Group

Critical Mass Website


4 thoughts on “Critical Mass Ride TONIGHT!

    • Hola Luis,
      Gracias por leer mi blog. !Qué bueno que estan empezando las masas criticas en Argentina! Viví en Buenos Aires para algunos meses durante la universidad y estoy enamorada con el pais.

      Espero que usted continúe leyendo y diciéndome lo que piensa,

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